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WorkInCrypto, a London-based high tech recruiting agency network, has a global cross-category reach thanks to alliances with other specialized devops, startup, and Crypto recruitment companies as well as tech talent experts. Our professionals, who are industry leaders in blockchain recruitment, can offer significant business value and insights in a variety of sectors involving blockchain application, including cryptocurrency, NFTs, cross-border payments, and more.

WorkInCrypto has worked with various cryptocurrency and digital asset businesses in recent years, including established, well-known exchanges and up-and-coming startups. We are now the go-to employment firm in London for top regulatory experts because our database of legal and compliance talent for the crypto business has grown dramatically in recent years.

Our crypto-focused recruiters have solid relationships with these ground-breaking and innovative businesses. These strong connections have now given rise to a wide range of crypto compliance careers and legal opportunities for digital assets. “The WorkInCrypto has succeeded in pulling off the seemingly impossible under extremely strict time limitations in a highly competitive labour market because of their results-driven methodology and commitment to delivering the seemingly impossible.

They put a great deal of effort into making sure that each and every placement is the right one for everyone involved since they actually care about the professional objectives of the people they work with.”Contact our blockchain recruiters right away to discuss your expansion ideas. Call us to talk about your needs.

Recruitment Opportunities for Blockchain Experts

Using our vast network and in-depth market knowledge, WorkInCrypto offers a top-notch blockchain recruitment solution. To assist you in finding your next employee, our knowledgeable consultants will present you with the most latest market statistics and trends. WorkInCrypto will be able to meet your company’s needs whether you need to hire more people or find the next blockchain expert.

Blockchain technology enables a distributed ledger that ensures transactions are secure, open, and unchangeable. Although its origins and prospective applications are still being studied, they have the potential to alter the way we conduct business fundamentally.

If you’re interest in learning more about blockchain technology and its different uses, be sure to check out our website. In case you require a crypto recruitment company, kindly give us a call right now.

Your easy cryptocurrency compliance and recruitment platform in London

Since the sector for cryptocurrencies and digital assets has seen a rapid rise in popularity in recent years, regulators have begun to scrutinize it closely. To make their volatile industry safer, businesses want to be sure they are compliant, yet due to its rapid expansion and the implementation of standards, this is a concern. Although bitcoin has a highly promising future, there will probably be a lot of fluctuation in the market in the years to come as laws are anticipate to be put in place soon.

With crypto and digital asset businesses looking to secure some of the best regulatory talent within financial services, the demand for financial crime, legal, and compliance specialists is anticipate to increase significantly. Jobs in Crypto regulatory recruitment, crypto AML recruitment, and crypto MLRO recruitment is gradually becoming highly sought-after sector within crypto recruitment agencies.